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The New Cat MD5150C Track Drill
Drilling Rigs
Caterpillar introduced the new MD5150C, designed for drilling 4-6 inches (101.6 mm - 152 mm) holes. HPR5128 is the standard rock drill (51 mm drill steel) for the MD5150C, while the HPR6832 Rock Drill (68-mm speed rod) and the HPR6030 (60-mm drill steel) are also compatible.

Atlas Copco's DM 30 II Rotary Blasthole Drill Rig
Drilling Rigs
Atlas Copco launched the new DM 30 II blasthole drill rig , designed for both rotary and DTH applications. DM 30 II features a robust I beam frame, improved rod handling and breakout, increased decking and component access.

Pantera DI6400 and DP2000 Drill Rigs from Sandvik
Drilling Rigs
Sandvik announced two new drill rigs designed for wall control, pit development and production drilling in open pit mines. Pantera DI6400 is a down-the-hole drill rig, designed for 115-203 mm diameter blastholes up to 45 meters in depth. The Pantera DP2000 is a top hammer drill rig which can drill 152-178 mm diameter holes 36 meters deep.

The Sandvik 1175E Electric Rotary Blasthole Drill Rig
Drilling Rigs
Sandvik launched a new electric-powered rotary blasthole drill rig for the Asia-Pacific Region. The 1175E is an adaptation of the Sandvik's D75KS drill rig and delivers increased productivity, particularly while drilling overburden soft rock and hard rock found in coal mining and metals mining.

Ditch Witch JT20 Horizontal Directional Drill
Drilling Rigs > HDD Rigs
Ditch Witch released the new JT20 horizontal directional drill, powered by a turbocharched 74.5 hp Deutz diesel engine, Tier-4 compliant. The JT20 replaces the best selling JT2020 and offers 17,000 lb of thrust (75.6 kN) and 20,000 lb (89 kN) of pullback force.

Atlas Copco introduces the RC Kit for the DM45 and DML Blasthole Drill Rigs
Drilling Rigs
Atlas Copco introduced the reverse circulation kit for DM45/50 mid-range blasthole drill. The DM45 and DML reverse circulation drills offer hole diameters ranging between 4 ½ inch – 5 ¾ inches (114 mm – 146 mm) with maximum hole depths of 145 feet (44 meters) based off on-board capacity.

Sandvik 160D Rotary Blast Hole Drill Rig
Drilling Rigs
Sandvik launched the 160D Rotary Blast Hole Drill Rig, a model integrated in it's mining portfolio following the acquisition of the Eimco Elecon's drilling division. The 160D is manufactured in Pune and is designed for the local Indian mining companies.

Explorac 100, a New RC Drilling Rig from Atlas Copco
Drilling Rigs > DTH Rigs
Atlas Copco launched a new reverse circulation drilling rig, the Explorac 100. The equipment was designed for exploration drilling of 100-200 meters and has a lifting capacity of 10.5 tons. The drilling rig has a rod handling as standard, including a 30-pipe rack.

The new Ditch Witch JT25 Directional Drill
Drilling Rigs > HDD Rigs
Ditch Witch launched the new JT25 directional drill rig, designed for installing utility pipes and cables of up to 4 inches (10.16 cm) in diameter and leghts of up to 500 feet (15240 cm). The new equipment is powered by a 130-hp Cummins diesel engine (Tier 4i compliant), offering thrust and pullback of 27000 pounds and 4,000 foot-pounds of torque.

Explorac 235 RC Drill Rig from Atlas Copco
Drilling Rigs > RC Rigs
Atlas Copco announced a new RC drilling rig, designed for exporations down to 400 meters. The new equipment is an upgraded version of the Explorac 220RC rig and is available on a crawler chassis or for assembly on a truck.

FlexiROC T45
Drilling Rigs
Atlas Copco will be displaying at Bauma 2013 a new tophammer surface drill rig, FlexiROC T45. The new equipment is powered by a Tier 4 engine (Tier 3 optional) which consumes 50% less fuel as its predecessor, the ROC F9.

The Atlas Copco Boyles C8C Exploration Rig
Drilling Rigs
Atlas Copco launched a new exploration rig on the international market. The new Atlas Copco Boyles C8C is equipped with a 133kN main hoist and offer a depth capacity of 1830 meters (6000 feet).

The BC 35 Trench Cutter
Drilling Rigs
At the 2013 Bauma, the new BC 35 trench cutter from BAUER Maschinen GmbH will have its first trade show appearance. The BC 35 is capable of 58 metres cutting depth without rotation and 48 metres with rotation.

The New MITO 60 Drilling Rig
Drilling Rigs
Fraste announced the new and completely redesigned foundation drilling rig Mito 60. The new machinery features an oscillating crawler carrier and drum for the drill pipes automatic loading. Mito 60 is powered by a 170 hp John Deere engine.

Sandvik DE712 Drill Rig
Drilling Rigs
Sandvik launched a new surface exploration drill rig, the DE712. The machinery features a 142 kW (190 hp) diesel engine and is EU Stage III CARB / EPA Tier 3 compliant. Sandvik DE712 can drill up to 1126 m (3693 ft), have a pull force of 9.3 tonnes and feed force of 5.5 tonnes.

Sandvik launches Alpha 330 Drilling Tool System
Drilling Rigs
Sandvik Construction launched the Alpha 330 drilling tools system, optimized for 43-51 mm drilling. The new short thread design offers higher rates of penetration, advanced precision in collaring and superior drilling accuracy.

LB 44 Rotary Drilling Rig
Drilling Rigs
LB 44 is a new rotary drilling rig, the latest addition to Liebherr' s range of deep foundantion products. It weights 160 tonnes and was designed for drilling diameters of up to 3 meters and drilling depths of up to 92 meters.

Sandvik DC125R, a New Mini-Sized Drilling Unit
Drilling Rigs
Sandvik announced a new fully remote-controlled self-propelled mini-sized drilling unit for 22 - 45 mm holes.

FlexiROC T30 R, the New Radio Remote Drill Rig from Atlas Copco
Drilling Rigs
Atlas Copco announced a new tophammer radio remote drill rig, named FlexiROC T30 R, the successor of the popular ROC D3 RRC.

The New Cat MD5150 Track Drill
Drilling Rigs
Caterpillar introduced the new MD5150 Track Drill, designed for holes up to 152 mm (6 inches). The new machinery is powered by a 385 hp Cat engine, which meets US Tier 3 and EU Stage IIIA emissions standards.

The Cat MD6240 Rotary Drill
Drilling Rigs
The MD6240 is designed for hard or soft-rock applications, with a bit load force of 24000 kg and the ability to drill to dephts of 55.5 meters.

Vermeer D60x90 Navigator
Drilling Rigs > HDD Rigs
The new Vermeer D60x90 Navigator is a horizontal directional drill, powered by a 185 hp John Deer Tier 4i (Stage IIIB) diesel engine. The new machine is designed for large diameter installation in urban environments.

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